Burnaby/New West residents only people in region keen to see pipeline opposition continue

Burnaby/New West residents only people in region keen to see pipeline opposition continue

Survey found most people in Metro Vancouver want to see local governments work with feds to get Trans Mountain pipeline expansion built

Burnaby and New Westminster residents stand apart in Metro Vancouver in their desire for local governments to continue in the fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

Keith Baldrey: Pipeline opponents shouldn't pop those champagne corks quite yet

We haven't won yet! We need to unite to win.

Burnaby Now Opinion. "Anti-pipeline activists may be doing handsprings over the high court ruling that quashed federal government approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, but they may want to wait a while before popping any champagne corks.

In fact, they may never reach their ultimate goal of blocking that pipeline forever.

That is because there are only two federal political parties that have any hope of forming government in this country, and both are staunch supporters of the expansion project.

It's time for fossil fuel polluters to pay their fair share

The Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) represents all of BC’s local governments. Next week, on September 10-14, this body will have its annual conference – and this year there is something special on the table.

Local governments will vote on whether to demand that 20 of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies pay a fair share of climate-related costs in BC communities.

West Coast Environmental Law

Trans Mountain defeat threatens Justin Trudeau’s re-election story

Justin Trudeau lost more than a big court battle in the pipeline war this week. He also lost part of his re-election narrative... NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh had called on Trudeau to refer the Trans Mountain file to the Supreme Court for a definitive read on its legal standing last April. At the time, the government dismissed the suggestion out of hand, claiming its case in federal court was bulletproof.