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How to win against Trans Mountain's proposed pipeline

The purpose of this website and Facebook page is to protect the environment by providing the most accurate and current information about the plan to ship diluted bitumen through municipalities and sensitive ecological areas. This involves sharing information about foreign and national oil companies, the expansion of shipping volatile chemicals and coal through Burred Inlet, the Fraser river, Delta and the Salish Sea.

It doesn’t matter who owns, the pipeline, the storage tanks, the terminals or the tankers, the environment, people and species are at risk. Diluted bitumen is a risk to the planet; it can’t be cleaned up particularly in cold ocean water. It is insane to build a pipeline to ship diluted bitumen through sensitive habitat, protected parks and towns and it is wrong not to have meaningful agreements with First Nations.

The groups sponsoring this are Burnaby Pipeline Watch and the Environmental Defense Working Group. You can contact them at www.burnabypipelinewatch or message to this Facebook page.

If you are concerned, help us share information and perspective on this Facebook page. We have a very large audience, but we need your help to reach more people. It’s about numbers; we have to reach more people and convince them to take action by protesting and contacting their local, provincial and federal representatives. We have a large readership, but we need to reach more to sustain change. Do the world a favor and go to and make a donation.

Every little bit helps us to reach more people. We don’t have any paid staff. All donations go to reaching people to make change possible. You know the mainstream media is not enough. We need to build and sustain a culture to make the necessary changes based on accurate information and debate. This is why this facebook page, www, is so important.

To help make change possible we must also defend democratic rights. We take civil and political rights for granted in Canada because many believe that freedom of expression and assembly and access to information are protected. We assume that sharing information and standing up against the assault on the environment are protected by the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedom, but they are not. Alan Dutton, for example, was sued by Kinder Morgan for $5.4 million for simply administering this facebook page and appearing in the mainstream media. He still owes legal fees for his defense. Trans Mountains lawyer said in open court that he wanted to impose legal fees to halt Dutton. Dutton is not alone, Our rights are under assault by large corporations. Read more about SLAPP suits and your rights at

We started the campaign to defend democratic rights in 2014 after Alan Dutton was sued by Kinder Morgan. In 2015 Jane Shin, MLA convened meetings of interested people and MLAs. Just a few months later after massive media attention, in May 2015, the NDP Justice critic introduced legislation to defend democratic rights in the BC Legislature and with Jane Shin, we invited MLAs like David Eby, Bruce Ralston, Leonard Krog, and lawyer Neil Chantler of Chantler and Co., to discuss the Bill. When time was allowed to run out by the Liberal government of the time, we continued lobbying for a more effective Bill and when the NDP formed government with the support of the BC Greens, the new Attorney General of BC, David Eby, introduced a new Bill in 2018 to be debated in the Fall. Read more about SLAPPs and what we are calling for on We have no staff, but West Coast Environmental Law, BC Civil Liberties Association, Greenpeace, and other groups and individuals are working with us to have legislation to protect public participation passed into law!
But we have a larger plan we hope you will support. The federal government signed the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, yet never implemented protections across the country. Ontario and Quebec already have legislation to protect democratic rights from the corporate assault. However, the rest of the country does not and we must fight to have protections against frivolous lawsuits to stop protests adopted throughout the country to support the right to free speech, freedom to access information and freedom of assembly. On top of that, any incoming government that does not support protections against the corporate assault on democratic rights can repeal protections as the BC Liberals did in 2001 in the province of British Columbia.

If you see the need, please help us by donating; however large or small we need financial support to carry on the work of reaching people and lobbying for change. Your help and support is necessary to protect whatever democratic rights former radicals were able to gain. We can’t afford to let corporations win the battle to undermine civil and political rights. For more information on the attack on democratic rights see


In order to win this fight to stop the construction of a new pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby, the storage of diluted bitumen on Burnaby Mountain overlooking homes and, a school and daycares, the seven fold increase in tanker traffic through Second Narrows and the Coast Salish Sea, we need your help.

We reach thousands of people about Trans Mountain's proposed pipeline, providing scientific studies and reports of the safety and feasibility of the proposal and encourage debate over all the issues with respect to climate change, protecting the environment and species at risk. But we need to reach out more and convince our readers that a new pipeline paid for by tax payers is not in our or the national interest.

But we can't provide evidence based research and opinion to all audiences and encourage debate without your financial support. Please send your donation to Burnaby Pipeline Watch by mail at 268-4111 Hastings Street, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada or send it by PayPal by clicking here. Every donation is important to help us reach audiences that do not get the facts or discussion that we provide.

Help us motivate and aid people send petitions to all political parties to show our support and strength!

The latest news, research and discussion can be found at ourBurnaby Pipeline Watch facebook page.

Up to date Information

Map of recent Trans Mountain oil spills in BC

We present current information about pipelines and protests on our Facebook page at Burnaby Pipeline Watch.We have a very large audience, but we must reach even a large audience if we are to influence government policy.

Defend Democratic Rights

Stop Strategic Litigation Against  Public Participation

Defend the right to protest.

The right to protest, the right to assembly and freedom of information are fundamental to democracy. But these "rights" are under attack by corporations across Canada. Support anti-SLAPP legislation to protect civil and political rights. Help us by going to Stop SLAPP Suits to learn more. SLAPP is the acronym for stop strategic litigation against public participation.

Spill at Kinder Morgan station near Kamloops, B.C. was larger than first stated by province

Province's Environment ministry originally said May 27 spill was around 100 litres

An oil spill at a Kinder Morgan pipeline pump station north of Kamloops, B.C., was bigger than the province's environment ministry initially stated.

The May 27 spill occurred when a flow meter at the company's Darfield pump station leaked crude oil into the ground.

At the time, the B.C. environment ministry said about 100 litres of crude oil had been released and Kinder Morgan would not confirm the amount of the spill, pending an investigation

Kinder Morgan bait and switch

"The Trans Mountain pipeline has a southern leg – called Puget Sound Pipeline – which splits off at Kinder Morgan’s Sumas Terminal in Abbotsford, B.C. and delivers tar sands dilbit to several refineries in Washington State, including the Ferndale Refinery (owned by Phillips 66), the Cherry Point Refinery (owned by BP), the Andeavor Anacortes Refinery (now owned by Marathon Petroleum), and the Shell Anacortes Refinery (owned by Shell Oil)."

Private investigators infiltrated Kinder Morgan pipeline protests in Burnaby

Private investigators infiltrated Kinder Morgan pipeline protests in Burnaby

Trans Mountain Pipeline lawyers were in B.C. Supreme Court Thursday morning trying to shut down an injunction loophole anti-pipeline protesters have allegedly been using to avoid arrest while still slowing down work on the project.

The company had planned to present affidavits from two private investigators who infiltrated a protest on May 25 and another affidavit from a Burnaby Mountie raising concerns about a drain on police resources after a change in protester tactics.

Nathan Cullen

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